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The Danger in Comparison

Ladies, stop comparing yourself.

Gentlemen too… (it just seems to be more common in us girls.)

Welcome to your dose of truth for the day.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote any type of thought piece for my blog as I have been heavily focused on YouTube & creating meaningful content for Instagram. Just like always, something struck me like a lightening bolt and I knew I needed to sit down, and do what I do best, which is write.

I have written about social media and the affects it has on its users. I have written about my personal struggle with my own insecurities. I have tried to be open in hopes it would help you, as well as it would help me. The best way I know to work through any issue I face or see others facing, is to write. While I wasn’t first-hand feeling this way I noticed a shift in the world around me.

Have you ever mindlessly scrolled through social media and found yourself warped in a plethora of photos, videos, and posts of people “looking better than you, doing better than you, and being better than you?” While that may not even be close to the truth, it may seem that way.

Have you ever seen a mom doing it “all,” working out at 5am, cooking a gourmet breakfast at 8am, dressing her kids to perfection, and the cycle just continuing for you to see all over social media?

Have you ever seen a girl with a different outfit on instagram with all designer pieces that are new all of the time?

Have you ever seen a couple so happy and lovey dovey that it makes you feel wrong for not being “significant other of the year?”

Have you ever seen another job promotion, another fantastic vacation, another prettier face, another amazing weight loss transformation, another engagement, etc? It can make you numb to life’s biggest accomplishments. Some people have the reaction of not being happy for others, because they are feeling bad that it’s not them achieving these milestones. Social media reminds of us others accomplishments all of the time, without reminding us of our own.

One after another amazing life event for several different “friends” on social media can make you feel bad and not joyous for their accomplishments/happiness.

For example, I got engaged on my twenty-third birthday. Accomplishment in some eyes? Maybe. While some may have been happy for me, I am going to go out on a limb and figure in those whose first reaction may not have been happiness, but envy. Trust me, I totally get it. What those who don’t know me may have not figured in, is how long I have waited for that moment. I was single until I was twenty-two. I was engaged within eleven months. I spent a lot of time alone, wondering if I would find “the one.” Knowing that good things come to those who wait… I patiently waited. All the way through both high school and college. I spent many weekends alone and many nights wondering if that would ever change. That’s something people don’t know because it’s not something you broadcast on social media. It’s not glamorous and it’s not cute, but it is real.

That is not a sad story that I am trying to tell. It is a perspecitive that you may not figure in.

When you see someone celebrating their succcess online and you feel envious remember, you didn’t see the struggle it may have taken to get there. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. While not everyone who boasts on social media is a liar, they might not be telling the whole truth that comes with some of these accomplishments.

Don’t waste today because you have “creeped” on someone or you have become envious over another persons life because of another “perfect post.” Life isn’t perfect for anyone. You deserve peace of mind,

and to know that you are on the right path no matter what anyone else is doing.

Your time will come and when it does be mindful of the times you wished and prayed for the things you now have. Life is a journey, and you deserve to spend that journey grateful and thankful every step along the way, rather than wasting time being envious over what may be all an illusion.


Mother’s Day

Last Mother’s Day me and my fiancé hosted a dinner for both of our families that went over pretty well for our first time hosting a Mother’s Day celebration! I thought that with the holiday approaching fast, that I would share some details from our last celebration. Lucky for me, my fiancé is an amazing cook, he made the chicken cutlets & pasta and I made dessert and made our home look as festive as ever!! 💕

1. Centerpiece

Their is nothing better than fresh flowers as a centerpiece for a dinner party. I picked up a dozen roses and cut the stems down. I found a pretty vase, used some LED candles with pretty candle holders, and just like that, I had a beautiful centerpiece that wouldn’t crowd the table, or block anyone’s vision!

2. Dessert table

I bought some balloons from Walmart that spelled out “Mom” and placed them on a shiny gold table cloth. I made cupcakes and decorated them. The cookies were not homemade, special thank you to Sam’s Club’s bulk tray of chocolate chip cookies for when you are in a time crunch! I also put some fan-favorite candies in a candy dishes. Before I knew it, I had created a full fledged desert table. This was a hit.

3. What’s not pictured

Their were a lot of details I didn’t capture, which I regret!

We hand painted wine glasses for our moms and set them at their place at the table. (Pictured in picture #2)

My sister made amazing sangria!

Our side dishes were salad, garlic bread, pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Meatballs and sauce were also there too!

Needless to say, we put a lot of thought into this dinner. We wanted it to be a special day! It was important that we had it at our house so that neither of our mom’s would have to cook or clean. (Even though they always do!)

If you are looking to host your first Mother’s Day gathering or just celebrate the day, know that no matter what, your loved ones will be happy! Having a day off to spend all together is always a great way to celebrate a holiday, since for most families those days are few and far between.

Details as simple as a dessert table, a special glass for the mom’s, or a floral arrangement, can brighten up the day before it even begins.

Remember, little details can make the whole day. Do something special for your mom this Mother’s Day & everyday!


Home Decor

Once you become a home owner (or just living on your own) it is your job to make whatever space you reside in, your own! While it might not be easy, finding your style will come naturally, one new piece of decor at a time.

Below I am sharing a few of my favorite things that keep my house looking like my own!

Fresh white roses

White roses! Always, white roses. I am obsessed with them, and if you follow me on Instagram ( Instagram.com/xomellablog_ ) you probably already know this.😉 I keep them in the house because whether they are real or fake, they are the perfect center piece/inviting addition to any room.

Fake white roses, LED candles, wall art, and a silver throw!

These little LED candles are from Sam’s Club and are REMOTE CONTROLLED!! How awesome is that?? Makes my life so easy and sets any room up to flicker at a moments notice with candlelight!

The fake white roses are a prearranged centerpiece from TJ MAXX and they were only $12.99! They completed the room in my opinion.

I ALWAYS have wall art in my rooms. Their is nothing I love more than a good quote and when I see one I like, I have to buy it! Therefore, they take up a lot of space in my house. They are very endearing and a very inexpensive way to add reassuring messages all around the house, and fill the walls and rooms with positivity!

The silver throw is also from TJ MAXX and was about $11.99 on clearance I believe! I throw it over any chair/couch and it just adds a little sparkle to any furniture piece. I love it.😍✨

Serving tray

This serving tray with my future last initial on it makes me *swoon.* We received it from my aunt as an engagement gift and it has found itself being the centerpiece in our dining room ever since! The best thing about this is that no matter what season/holiday it is you can dress it up, or down, to make it season appropriate. Here it is pictured with a glass bunny for Easter, one of my favorite candles (I have real candles everywhere), and another fake white roses centerpiece!

I hope you all enjoyed me sharing my favorite little details in my house that are inexpensive and change the whole room! It’s all about the details. Let me know what you think!!


Quote of the Day! – Tuesday 3/6/18

I love this.♥️ The right people won’t ever question you and what you have in store because they don’t have to, to understand you, love you, & support you. We are all a little different, have different dreams, interests, and life plans but that’s what makes the world go round. Differences. What a boring world it would be if we all followed the same path. #DontQuestionTheJourney #YoureOnTheRightPath #OpenMinds #Love #Support #EmpowerEachOther #XoMellaBlog💋

Valentine’s Day Look Book 💌

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner & if you are anything like me you are scrambling for something to wear, last minute. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentines Day with your girls, I have outfits you will love, for every occasion!

1. Tied together with a bow.🎀

This sparkly sweater comes together with a bow and is one of the sweetest pieces in my collection! This sweater is $44.00 & available on francescas.com.🎀

2. Mix & match accessories!

It’s not everyday I recommend mixing and matching gold & silver jewelry but with the right top and color scheme, sometimes it works. This burgundy top is from fashionnova.com along with the choker. The earrings are Charlotte Russe.

3. Stay neutral, & warm!

Nothing wrong with a little black dress. It can be worn for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day! In this photo it is paired with the comfiest tan jacket and together they make you look put together without sacrificing comfort. Both the dress & jacket are Empower Boutique, and can be purchased at http://empowerfashionboutique.com ! ✨

4. Valentine’s MAKEUP! 💋💄

Watch my latest tutorial on how to get the perfect Valentine’s Day glam by tapping the link below. More Valentine’s Day tutorials are coming so be sure to subscribe to my channel to see the other step-by-step looks!✨ https://youtu.be/Bdyqo8e2zZo

Let me know what you all think of these tips for the upcoming holiday, & what you want to see more of!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all celebrate in every way you want, and that you have a day filled with love & laughter with the ones you love.♥️

As always….XO MELLA BLOG💋




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