Valentine’s Day Look Book 💌

Valentine’s Day Look Book 💌

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner & if you are anything like me you are scrambling for something to wear, last minute. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentines Day with your girls, I have outfits you will love, for every occasion!

1. Tied together with a bow.🎀

This sparkly sweater comes together with a bow and is one of the sweetest pieces in my collection! This sweater is $44.00 & available on🎀

2. Mix & match accessories!

It’s not everyday I recommend mixing and matching gold & silver jewelry but with the right top and color scheme, sometimes it works. This burgundy top is from along with the choker. The earrings are Charlotte Russe.

3. Stay neutral, & warm!

Nothing wrong with a little black dress. It can be worn for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day! In this photo it is paired with the comfiest tan jacket and together they make you look put together without sacrificing comfort. Both the dress & jacket are Empower Boutique, and can be purchased at ! ✨

4. Valentine’s MAKEUP! 💋💄

Watch my latest tutorial on how to get the perfect Valentine’s Day glam by tapping the link below. More Valentine’s Day tutorials are coming so be sure to subscribe to my channel to see the other step-by-step looks!✨

Let me know what you all think of these tips for the upcoming holiday, & what you want to see more of!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all celebrate in every way you want, and that you have a day filled with love & laughter with the ones you love.♥️

As always….XO MELLA BLOG💋

5 Painful Experiences Makeup Lovers Know All Too Well

5 Painful Experiences Makeup Lovers Know All Too Well

Any makeup lover knows the pain of making a mistake with your makeup, being in a time constraint, and praying this too shall pass…

1. When one fake eyelash glues perfectly, and the other looks like a spider hanging off of your eye

Have you ever began applying fake eyelashes and the first one goes on like a dream, and the other one, not so much. No matter how many times you try applying glue once it’s dried and re-applying the lash it just doesn’t seem to work, and all of a sudden you are sitting there, with dried glue all over your eye, messed up eyeshadow, and questioning why beauty is pain. When this happens, you generally have to forfeit your attempt at being extra for the day, and settle for a more natural look. This is my #1 pet-peeve when it comes to makeup.

2. Trying to Create Eyebrows

If you were born lucky in this life you were born with perfectly shaped, thick, statement making brows. If you are like me and don’t fall under that category you know you have to work a little bit harder to slayyyyy any makeup look. Generally trying to do my eyebrows goes a little something like this: I Try, I try again, I barely make a difference in their shape/thickness, and I move on. Sometimes this process has me questioning why the lord would make me thick, but not my brows. But I still pray…

3. Applying Foundation and Then Realizing You Didn’t Prime Your Face

Some mornings I swear I am so tired I dampen my beauty blender, start going to town, and then realize I didn’t prime/moisturize my face. I suddenly feel greasy and wrong. I know that’s probably not the normal feeling most people get, but it’s definitely the feeling I get. You suddenly realize all the foundation you just wasted and you have to make a hard decision. Do you live with your carelessness or do you wipe away all of your hard work. Generally, I will start again from square one, and then still do it again at least once more that month no matter how hard I focus.

4. When You Go Too Hard With The Eyeliner

I used to wear eyeliner all of the time, now I barely do. I like a little bit more of a natural look, but every once and a while I want to bring the drama once again. Boyyyyyy do I bring the drama, and the fear in my eyes once I have seen what I have done. Makeup lovers know there is a fine line with eyeliner, literally. If you go even the slightest bit overboard you are going to now hate all of your makeup, and yourself for the rest of the day. My best advice is start slow, steady, and be skimpy with your application, then if you feel you aren’t achieving the look you set out for, try that step again.

5. Trying New Makeup That Sucks

Have you ever felt risky? Like staring at a product in Ulta and saying “I’m going to try you.” Then go home and try said product ten minutes before work and start questioning your decision making skills, and every decision you have made since 2010? No? Just me? Okay. Really though, there is nothing more disappointing than trying new makeup and feeling like it didn’t make you as beautiful as it said it would. That’s $20.00 you will never get back! Then being forced to move on and live in fear of trying new things in every aspect of your life. Ahaha

Those are my top 5 most painful experiences every makeup lover has been forced to face. I hope you all liked it. If you have any to add comment down below! Be sure to check out my beauty YouTube channel:

As always…