The Lipsticks I Love

The Lipsticks I Love

My favorite lipsticks from left to right – @urbandecay Vice matte liquid lipstick in Rock Steady @colourpop matte liquid lip stick in Times Square @kyliecosmetics matte liquid lipstick in Exposed, Koko K, Brown Sugar, Posie K, & Candy K, (not pictured is their So Cute gloss which I love & highly recommend) @toofaced Melted Matte in Miso Pretty & Cool Girl ✨

What are your favorites?! Let us know – comment below!💋

Tarte’s Shape Tape. Is It Worth Your Money?

Tarte’s Shape Tape. Is It Worth Your Money?

Is it worth your money?

Let’s Talk About Makeup Everyone Raves About.

In an age where everything you need to know is on the internet trusting the opinions of beauty bloggers has become the norm. Trying to figure out if the products everyone is excited about are actually working is another story. From anyone who is wishing they were better with makeup to the pros, finding out what works and what doesn’t is key before wasting your hard earned money. After trying out a few products that everyone has been talking about I have a few words of wisdom for anyone who wants to buy into the hype.

This post we are going to talk about…

  • Tarte’s Shape Tape

Tarte’s Shape Tape is sold at Ulta or online at It retails for $24.00 and has been referred to as the “holy grail” by many reliable beauty bloggers. My own personal experience was a bit different. Number one, it is very hard to get your hands on. After weeks of looking online at Ulta and in stores I finally took the chance, guessed my shade, and ordered online through Tarte. I love a full coverage concealer and that’s exactly what this concealer is. It is so full coverage that you have to be very careful with it and only use a little bit. Any over application with this product will make you look like you are wearing a mask.

The good:

It is as full coverage as everyone says it is. If there is something you need to cover, this will do the job. The colors are not hard to match, they give you a guide online to figure out what color would be best for you, and mine worked out on the first try.

The bad:

From my personal experience, this is not an everyday use concealer. It is very heavy and for having generally clear skin, it enlarged my pores with how heavy it was, and it made me breakout. You have to be very careful not to use too much because it will look as so. As for the foundation you wear underneath, it has to be a color that will work with the color shape tape you get. If your foundation is too dark it will look dramatic and over done. If your foundation is too light, it will be unnoticeable. You have to be prepared to possibly buy a new color foundation as well.

The bottom line:

By no means am I tossing my Shape Tape in the garbage. It is something that for a night out or for short periods of time is great. It gives the dramatic concealing that is perfect for contouring. Be sure to remove all of it when you are done with your day to avoid any breakouts. Will I be buying it again? As of right now, I might be going back to my Bare Minerals concealer that never irritated my not-sensitive skin. The only thing that was a major red flag for me was that I rarely ever am irritated by any makeup or breakout because my skin is almost always clear, so if you have trouble with your skin be very cautious when using this product.