Last month, mine and my fiancé’s families threw us the most beautiful engagement party.

 After the party I couldn’t stop repeating how it was one of the best parties ever. The things that made the party were the food, the wine, the company, and the details that made the party as beautiful as ever. 

When I got engaged I said I would share the details of the wedding planning, the parties, and everything in between because this was my first time doing all of these things. I knew I would want to share any cute ideas, money saving tips, bring Pinterest to life attempts, and share it with you all as it happens. 

#1 the Snapchat filter & the welcome sign 

Depending on where the party is you need a sign to welcome the guests and let them know where they should head. This sign we got at Hobby Lobby for $89.99. It is an eraseable chalkboard that we used chalk markers on. One of its best qualities? It lights up in the dark!✨

When deciding on the Snapchat filter, begin making the filter as early as you can. You want to make sure you create it within the allotted time it needs to be approved before going live in your area. You can choose between many different colors & themes!

2.  Create a hashtag

I got this “Create Your Own Banner” at Party City for $11.99! I used it to display a hashtag and be the focal point of the photo booth. Below is a bucket of props for the photo booth that were collected between Amazon, Walmart, the Dollar Store, and anywhere else that we went and happened upon cute props! People loved the silliness that the photo booth brought. It’s a very affordable form of entertainment.💎

3. Sangria Bar

This was a total hit! My best friend took on the challenge of creating the bar and the steps were tedious, but simple. Cutting up fruit, labeling, and mixing! All the littlest details made the bar stand out. Almost everything pictured is from Hobby Lobby. 

Chalk markers and small signs made out of chalk board are some of the perfect touches to add to your sangria bar. Also the gold table runner.😍 Either way, as long as it tastes good, not many people will care what it looks like.🥂*cheeeeers!*

4. Centerpieces 

Find a theme and stick to it. I knew that I wanted my theme to be glitzy and filled with white roses. We had some fresh, and some fake, and they looked equally as gorgeous. The fillers are jewels all found on Amazon. You always need a focal point for a table, just make sure that it’s a clear one, a simple one, and one that still makes a statement. Think of a theme for your party and work around that. Thinking about things like that always makes everything else much easier.

5. Dessert! 🍨

Your menu can be made up of anything you want. But your dessert, that’s where you can make your statement.  Everyone loves something sweet after something savory so be sure to give your guests a range of sweets to choose from.🍨

6. Favors! 

These DIY favors are the besttttt!!! Grab popcorn bags, MANY large bags of popcorn, have a sister that’s a graphic designer (or find a graphic designer) and you are good to go! Buy some ribbon, punch some holes, and you have a very cute way to show your guests how much you appreciated their company!

7. The Bottom Line 

We couldn’t be more thankful for the beautiful party our families threw for us. The hard work, details, and love they put into this party will never be forgotten! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing way to celebrate our engagement. To be surrounded by family, friends, and the ones you love you is enough on its own. ❤