I struggle on a daily basis to be content with life being ever-changing and the fact that most things are out of my control. I live a beautiful life, but some daysI let my feelings of not being where I want to be in my career get me down. 
I graduated college May of 2016, I was 21 years old, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. As I sit here a year and a half out of college, STILL not using my degree, it is very easy for me to become disappointed with that aspect of my life. You can go on all the job interviews, pull yourself in 17 different directions trying to figure it all out, but if it’s not your time, it’s not your time. That’s just the cold hard truth. 
Feeling lost in your early 20’s can feel second nature for some. You might feel that certain aspects of your life aren’t where you thought they would be, but there’s really only one way to deal with what feels like disappointment in yourself. I mean I have dealt with it for the past year and half, so I’m starting to do better than I was. 
It’s all about perspective. What’s the one thing you can control? Your attitude and YOUR perspective. Keep in mind what parts of your life are amazing, and try to muffle your thoughts about what leaves you feeling disappointed or feeling less than. You can’t let what you can’t control leaving you feeling bitter, that won’t do anyone any good. 
You CAN let go of your expectations. I remember how down and out I would get after disappointment, after disappointment when it came to everyone before my now fiancé. I remember feeling that annoying nagging feeling that it would never work out. I would get disappointed over things I really didn’t even want. I would stress myself out trying to make things work, that just weren’t going to. Then one day, my own life surprised me, and things did work out. All of a sudden it made perfect sense as to why nothing ever worked out before, and I felt relieved but like I wish I could have gone back and told myself that it was all going to be okay. I would have tried to enjoy that part of my life. But you live and you learn. 
No part of your life is ever going to be perfect. As I plan a wedding and embark on experiences I have never have before, I find myself feeling badly about not being where I want to be when it comes to work. 
I am extra transparent on the internet in hopes that some other twenty, thirty, forty, sixty-something, might get just the slightest bit of clarity. 
When it’s your time, it’s your time. You might think back and wish that you would have just let things go and not been so stressed out all of the time, whatever the issue is. If someone would have told me I would be engaged at 23, 2 years ago I would have laughed.
I would hate to look back and think that I wasted days, months, years, feeling less than because of things outside of my control. I would hate for you to do the same. The only way to stop that from happening, or living your life like that longer, is changed behavior. 
Think about what you are grateful for, think about what you thought would never work out, but did. Why couldn’t it happen again? It could be tomorrow, next month, or next year, but it will work out, and you will wish you hadn’t worried so much about what you cannot control. 
Everybody has there day in the sun. And when it comes, all the struggle will make it that much better.