This week #ILove the newest addition to the Anastasia Beverly Hills make up line, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. It is by far the best highlighter kit out on the market right now, and I can say that because I have tried everything. I bought the Rose Gold kit at Ulta for a reasonable $40.00. At first it seemed pricey but your average highlighter would range between$15.00-$20.00, and that is just for one highlighter! This kit gives you four highlighters and if divided up, that makes it a very reasonable $10.00 per highlighter. If you are still not sold on this wonderful, magical product, let me break down the colors, and even how I got the highlight in the featured picture.

So color number one, Sunburst! Sunburst is the kind of highlighter you use either if you are putting a light stoke of highlighter on or if you are mixing it with another highlighter. Alone, sunburst is a pretty powerful highlight. It is the kind of highlight you use when you want to be seen from miles away. If you are going to use sunburst use a light hand when applying, or you very well might cause permanent damage to the eyes of those around you. It’s gold base gives it the name, sunburst. Don’t get me wrong, I love this one just as much as I love the other colors, but it is not always the best look for those with tan complexions.

Color number two, Golden Bronze! I almost always use a light brush of golden bronze no matter what colors I am using to create my highlight that day. It is a subtle highlight with a very tan base. So, if you are going to the beach or the gym, and you are already tan but you want a highlight that looks like you are not trying too hard, this is your go-to color from the kit.

Color number three, Bubbly! Bubbly is a color that you can use to create a champagne looking highlight. If you are going out and want to have a highlight people will notice, mixing bubbly and sunburst is the perfect combination. It is light enough where people will definitely notice you are glowing but champagne enough to still keep it a low-key, classy highlight. Bubbly is also my go-to highlight for the nose, it is subtle, but noticeable at the same time.

Color number four, (and my personal favorite) Dripping in Gold! By the name of the color you should already be able to tell the reason I love this color so, so much, because when you wear it you are pretty much an Egyptian princess who is dripping in gold. I wear this color every, single, day. I love it that much that I will mix it with any of the colors to create the perfect combination depending on where I am going that day. Dripping in gold is my go-to highlight for both my brow bone, and cupids bow because it is has a flesh colored base tone that gives your highlight a natural glow. I love, love, love!

For the above picture I took Dripping in Gold, Bubbly, and Golden Bronze to create the perfect summer day highlight that wouldn’t over power the whole look. I used a light hand when applying all three different strokes of the different colors and the three together gave me the look that I was striving for that day. For my brow bone, I used only Dripping in Gold so that it was subtle, but still noticeable.

Now you be the deciding factor. Tell me what you think of this glow kit or what your favorite colors are in it!

*Any questions on how I got the look or if you want to see more pictures from the different colors in the kit email me at,