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Looks for Less, Simple Style

Putting together an outfit that is stylish, practical, and affordable is not always as easy as you think. You have to make decisions about important things all day, the last thing you should be stressed about is your outfit. That is why Xo Mella is showing you some “Looks for Less” to help you simplify your already crazy days. If you are going to be forced to “adult” you might as well do it in style, without breaking the bank.

Our latest look is one of my favorites. Why you might ask? Every piece worn is under $20.00. It’s simplicity makes this look something you can take from errands, to work, and throw a few louder pieces of jewelry on, to make it an outfit perfect for drinks after work.

Outfit Details:

Boots: $5.00 at Forever 21. Yes, we said FIVE dollars. These ankle boots are paired perfectly with light denim. The color of these boots give the light denim an edge that’s perfectly appropriate for a day filled of errands to run.

Shirt: Express, $10.99. This long sleeved grey shirt is perfect and simple, and keeps this look laid back.

Watch: $20.00 at Francesca’s. This watch is simple, small framed, and cute. The band matches perfectly with the boots and throws the whole look together in seconds.

Jeans: $19.99 at American Eagle Outfitters. I love these jeans so much. They cuff perfectly at the bottom and look great with ankle boots. The rips are just subtle enough to keep the edge without taking it to the next level.

Sunglasses: $15.99 at Francesca’s. These sunglasses are so cute and simple. Their hipster vibe make you look effortlessly stylish. It is always a good thing when you can throw together a look with a cute pair of shades.

The best part about this look is that every single piece can be thrown on seperatley to make some of the older pieces in your closet looking completely brand new. You can wear every piece multiple ways, and nothing will be worn once and then thrown into the back of the closet.

Let us know what you think of this Look for Less! What would you like to see more of? Send all questions and comments to elenainfantino25@gmail.com.

Looks for ~Less~

Many girls are afraid of the latest fashion trends sweeping the internet. Body suits, high-waist jeans, dark makeup, chokers, smoky eye, . They can all be very intimidating trends to tackle, but their is a secret to it all. You can choose to take on all these trends in one outfit like I did in the above picture, you can take it one fashion risk at a time, or even a couple at a time.

Either way you feel most comfortable taking on the most popular looks for this Fall, you have to find the right place and price for each trend. Here are my best buys that I am sporting in the above picture.

Choker: $6.00 from Charlotte Russe (and it has yet to break)! You have to be careful when finding a choker for a cheap price because they tend to be flimsy and fall apart within minutes, this one is going a couple months strong. The thicker the band, the safer you are when buying chokers at a cheaper price.

Striped Body Suit: Another cheap find! For a low price of $18.99 you can have this versatile body suit in the palm of your hands. I wore it with my Express black skinny jeans, but you can pair them with any pair and color of high waist jeans or even a cute leather skirt! This is one fashion piece you can wear in a million ways.

Dark Lip Stick: This lipstick is one of my favorite shades for the Fall. The color is Candy K from Kylie Cosmetics. The Lip Kit retails for $29.00 on KylieCosmetics.com.

Eye shadow: The eye shadow I used to create this smoky eye was the most expensive in this Looks for Less post but it is worth the money if you have been looking for a pigmented palette to give you the perfect smoky eye. The Naked Palette in Smoky retails for $54.00 on urbandecay.com and is worth every penny if you are appreciative of a good smoky eye.

Hair: This braid is extremely easy to do and one of the best looks for days you want your hair off of your face but still want to look put together. Taking your bangs and an inch more on each side bring that section of your hair into a pony and leave it, then separate the remainder of you hair into three sections, braid, and secure with a hair tie or an elastic hair tie.

Any other questions or comments about this look comment below! It is easier then you think to dress affordably and excitingly this Fall season. More fun Fall looks to come!

I love… the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

This week #ILove the newest addition to the Anastasia Beverly Hills make up line, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. It is by far the best highlighter kit out on the market right now, and I can say that because I have tried everything. I bought the Rose Gold kit at Ulta for a reasonable $40.00. At first it seemed pricey but your average highlighter would range between$15.00-$20.00, and that is just for one highlighter! This kit gives you four highlighters and if divided up, that makes it a very reasonable $10.00 per highlighter. If you are still not sold on this wonderful, magical product, let me break down the colors, and even how I got the highlight in the featured picture.

So color number one, Sunburst! Sunburst is the kind of highlighter you use either if you are putting a light stoke of highlighter on or if you are mixing it with another highlighter. Alone, sunburst is a pretty powerful highlight. It is the kind of highlight you use when you want to be seen from miles away. If you are going to use sunburst use a light hand when applying, or you very well might cause permanent damage to the eyes of those around you. It’s gold base gives it the name, sunburst. Don’t get me wrong, I love this one just as much as I love the other colors, but it is not always the best look for those with tan complexions.

Color number two, Golden Bronze! I almost always use a light brush of golden bronze no matter what colors I am using to create my highlight that day. It is a subtle highlight with a very tan base. So, if you are going to the beach or the gym, and you are already tan but you want a highlight that looks like you are not trying too hard, this is your go-to color from the kit.

Color number three, Bubbly! Bubbly is a color that you can use to create a champagne looking highlight. If you are going out and want to have a highlight people will notice, mixing bubbly and sunburst is the perfect combination. It is light enough where people will definitely notice you are glowing but champagne enough to still keep it a low-key, classy highlight. Bubbly is also my go-to highlight for the nose, it is subtle, but noticeable at the same time.

Color number four, (and my personal favorite) Dripping in Gold! By the name of the color you should already be able to tell the reason I love this color so, so much, because when you wear it you are pretty much an Egyptian princess who is dripping in gold. I wear this color every, single, day. I love it that much that I will mix it with any of the colors to create the perfect combination depending on where I am going that day. Dripping in gold is my go-to highlight for both my brow bone, and cupids bow because it is has a flesh colored base tone that gives your highlight a natural glow. I love, love, love!

For the above picture I took Dripping in Gold, Bubbly, and Golden Bronze to create the perfect summer day highlight that wouldn’t over power the whole look. I used a light hand when applying all three different strokes of the different colors and the three together gave me the look that I was striving for that day. For my brow bone, I used only Dripping in Gold so that it was subtle, but still noticeable.

Now you be the deciding factor. Tell me what you think of this glow kit or what your favorite colors are in it!

*Any questions on how I got the look or if you want to see more pictures from the different colors in the kit email me at, elenainfantino@gmail.com.

I Love… Leap Year!

Today is a day that won’t come again for the next four years, I know most are thinking who cares? Well these extra twenty-four hours you have been given is a gift, do something meaningful with it, something you wouldn’t normally do. Whether you take an extra moment for yourself or do something nice for another person, go out and do it. These extra twenty-four hours are a gift! Do something meaningful with them.

I Love…National Margarita Day.

Happy National Margarita Day! Whether its warm or cold wherever you currently are, add some liquid sunshine to your life. It’s Monday and you deserve it. XO

Red wine? YES. Red roses? Please no. 10 Reasons to not buy red roses this Valentine’s Day.

Everyone runs straight to red roses on Valentine’s Day when choosing a flower to show their love. But why when there are SOOO many other, prettier colors. Don’t be afraid of being wrong, be bold, and ditch the red.

  1. Because there are other colors???
  2. When there are purple, pink, and white, why be basic and get red??
  3. Have you been married for 30+ years? No? Then no red.
  4. I can guarantee you that yes, red roses are the symbol of love but yes, they look like commitment also. We all know you are not ready for that.
  5. The Kardashians choose white and pink over red, on the daily. (Who cares? Probably your girlfriend.)
  6. They say white roses are used to show that your love is pure, like the color.
  7. White roses also mean, everlasting love.
  8. Nothing says elegance like a bunch of white roses lighting up a room.
  9. Pink roses mean admiration and statistics say they are perfect if your GF is blonde? I really don’t know the science behind that. I can say I was not a part of that study but I may agree.
  10. Purple roses were often presented to royalty. You want to treat your significant other like a queen? Pick purple.

You really can’t go wrong with roses this Valentine’s Day but if you are sick of going with the flow and want to change things up this February 14th, try something other than your standard red.




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