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I Love… Tim Tebow.

#ILove … Tim Tebow.

We grow up being told that the quirks in our personality and in our appearance are wrong and spend our lives trying to fix, hide, and conceal the best parts of us. Whoever decided that being nice was “weird” and caring about people was “lame” has got this whole life thing all wrong.

This may be inspired by the fact that I just caught Tim Tebow on Ellen and am obsessed with how gently he lives his life. He had every right to be the most cocky, showy, not-care-about-anyone former NFL player ever, but he took a different route. Not only is he strong in his beliefs (que Tebowing) he puts his time and effort into charities and helping others, going deeper than just signing a check, something any fancy former NFL player could do. He takes the time to get to know those who benefit from his foundation. I am inspired and no matter how many people talk about how weird his beliefs are or how being a nice guy is “weird” I am totally taken. Today #ILove Tim Tebow.

–Link to Tim Tebow’s foundation— https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/index.php/stand-with-night-to-shine/

I Love…. ZAYN

The best thing that ever happened to Zayn Malik? Leaving One Direction. Let me tell you this new ZAYN is about to light up the music world. With his first solo single called PILLOWTALK which is clearly no One Direction song I think we can count on seeing a very different side of him. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in 2016. This new single is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. I am no One Direction fan but I can see myself being one of ZAYN’s.

I Love… White and pink roses

This week I love… white and pink roses. It’s 2016 & red roses may be a thing of the past. How can you not love white and pink roses?! It’s been said that white roses represent new beginnings, while pink roses represent love and gratitude. Both are unique and ditch the predictability of the classic red rose you expect on Feb 14th!

10 things you need to thank your mom for

10 things you need to thank your mom for because lets be honest, you don’t thank her enough.

  1. ALWAYS being on your side, even when you’re wrong. I remember being totally in the wrong for things when I was younger and my mom may have known it at the time but totally had my back. The loyalty ran so deep, she was ride or die fo sho.
  2. Dressing you in ugly dresses and tights as a kid. Sure the plaid was ugly and the fact that she let you match your plaid Mary Kate & Ashley trapper keeper to your plaid Mary Kate & Ashley pants is terrifying to think of now, but she never judged you in the first place for thinking that was a normal thought process to have when getting ready in the morning at 5 years old.
  3. For dealing with you when you’re in your WORST moods. I don’t know about you all but when I have a bad day I sometimes come home and take it out on the people I00% shouldn’t, one being mom. She would know I had a bad day and would let the nasty comments and bad behavior slide, and she would still love me through it. Thank you mom.
  4. For always coming through when I forget to tell her I needed something from the store at 11pm for school the next day. I was the queen of procrastination and very often would leave things to the very last possible second growing up. My mother would go out into a snowstorm so I had that random item I was obligated to bring to school the next day.
  5. For not hating me when I would do something you told me not to do and things would turn out horribly and need your help in fixing it. Sure I still heard the “how many times did I tell you never to do this” speech as you were helping me fix the mess, but you still helped me fix it.
  6. For listening to my teenage gossip growing up for hours on end and letting me vent to you as long as I needed. I don’t know how many people could listen to me talk for hours and still give advice and make me feel better about the situation, and never act annoyed or like they had better things to do. You are SO patient with me.
  7. For giving me the tools to make it through life. I know I may not have always been able to do all the things my friends were allowed to do growing up, but now as a somewhat-adult I know why. You protected me from a lot and taught me how to actually sustain life. Thank you.
  8. For being nosey when I was growing up. It may have been at the time, annoying to have a mom that knew way too many details growing up but today I am thankful for it. Her nosiness has saved a lot of trouble for me throughout the years.
  9. For seeing my fake friends before me. If ANYONE can spot a fake b*tch before me, it’s my mother. She always warned me of those whose intentions were no good before I was able to see it myself. This has been so helpful over the years.
  10. For always having a home filled with food, and love. Our house never ran short of either.


Thank you for all you sacrificed over the years mom, XO XO XO.


Looking into the recent fashion trends and I have to say, I am currently obsessed with capes. Who has recently wore a cape the best? No other then the best….. J-Lo. Kill em J-Lo kill em.

*Photo coutesy of Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram. For more, follow her here — https://www.instagram.com/jlo/


Thank you Bravo Andy

I currently love the interview that occured on Watch What Happens Live last night with Khloe Kardashian. When asked by a viewer if she was afraid to date another NBA player (James Harden) in fear that he will cheat on her like Lamar Odom due to the groupies that go after NBA players, Khloe answered flawlessly. She said, she was not afraid, people will do what they do, and you can’t live your life in fear of what someone might do. Preach Khloe, preach. Take a note from Khloe today, stop living in fear. – Xo Mella

Ice Skating?

This week I love…ice skating? I am the least graceful writer on the face of this earth I can almost assure you of this. During a cold New York winter their is not much to do but ice skate. I found myself at an open skate this past week, for a girl who can’t ice skate this is terrifying. But to my surprise I stayed on two feet the whole time, with no graceful spills on ice. Definitely conquered my ice skating fears this past week. It was terrifying but exhilarating. Maybe I will conquer the rest of my fears this week like escalators and snakes. Probably not. This week I challenge you to one thing that you don’t “love” and conquer a fear. It’s quite the adrenaline rush… – Xo Mella




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