I’ve been meaning to write this blog post… 
As an avid blogger I try to share my experiences because they are what I know best. As I try not to over share, it is important that I let you all in on some parts of my life. 
What inspired this post? A few times now I have been asked about my engagement and how we met, and every once in a while I add in that yes, my future husband, was also my first boyfriend. *gasp* 
The reaction has always been positive. People comment on how sweet and old fashioned that is, and that it gives them hope. It makes my heart happy when people say something I have said has given them hope, as a blogger I have tried many times through my writing to do just that, give people hope. 
If you’re reading this and you didn’t marry your first love, don’t feel as if you aren’t “old fashioned” or that your love story won’t seem sweet to others, because it will. People love, love. People just sometimes forget to know what is love, and what isn’t. People forget what is worth settling down for, and what is just settling. 
It was a couple weeks after my 22nd birthday when my now fiancé asked me to be his girlfriend. It was 11 months later when he asked me to be his wife. The road to finding my fiancé wasn’t as sweet and hopeful as my now life is though. 
I had a feeling I would have one boyfriend and that would be it. Mainly because I was picky and a complete “old soul.” So I knew any guy that I would agree to seriously date, would have to be someone I could see myself with long term. 
I am so happy I waited all those years and didn’t listen to people who called me picky, or that I would never find the perfect person. I wasn’t looking for the perfect person, I was looking for someone perfect for me. I knew he was out there, I had complete faith, I just hadn’t met him yet. I knew this all along. 
While the road to my fiancé was a long and winding one, I would travel it again and again, as cliché as that may sound. It made me who I am now, and I wouldn’t appreciate someone had I not known what it was like to not have someone for so long. 
The point of all of this is, 22 years is a long time, but many people wait much longer and deal with much more. You cannot become bitter, you cannot become hopeless, because it will not happen if you don’t appreciate what you currently have. Life gives you what you need when you need it. It took me 22 years to find out who I was before I could meet my future husband. For some people it takes less, and for some people it takes more. 
You have to ask yourself what you want out of your life? Also, what reasons do you want it? Lastly, are you seriously ready for it? 
It is easy to think of all the reasons you want certain things for your life but you have to make sure that the reality is also what you want, and what you are ready for. 
If you haven’t met “the one” ask yourself if it would make sense for where your life is right now. Ask yourself if you are seriously ready for “better and for worse.” These days, not many people ask those kind of questions. 
Don’t fall in love with the idea of long term commitment and major milestones. Fall in love with your life for what it is right now and yourself for who you are right now. Then ask yourself if you could fall in love with another person for who they are right now, whole heartedly and who they might be 10, 20, 50 years from now, no matter what. 
It is easy for me to write this now that I am outside of the “will it ever happen for me” type of thinking but I haven’t forgotten what that feels like. I know it all too well. I also know all too well, that it will happen for you, at a time and a speed you will have to accept. It might not be tomorrow, but when it does happen there won’t be any looking back. Don’t make yourself look back and wish you had just been happy and content then, because to your disbelief it did happen for you.