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The Best Engagement Presesnts for Your Newest Bride-To-Be

The day has come… one of your loved ones is engaged! Now you have to quickly find gifts to greet your newest bride-to-be with because you had no idea this call would be coming! You are excited beyond belief and want the happy couple to know.. here are some gifts that are simple yet amazing.

1. Flowers ๐Ÿ’

It is definitely not the first thing that may come to mind but when my mom showed up with my favorite white roses I was so surprised! I would have never thought someone would go buy my favorite flowers, but it was the most amazing touch!

2. Any instagram-able mug/drink ware โ˜•๏ธ

There is nothing cuter than a mug or a water bottle with a quote on it about being newly engaged that a future bride-to-be loves more. Any gifts with photo ops for a lot of girls (including myself) is an amazing choice. My best friend got me this mug from Francesca’s!

3. A card

Simple but amazing! Buy or make an engagement card for your loved one and write a truly from-the-heart message. Talk about how happy you are for them, and memories you had reminiscing about when this day would come. Include an old photo or something sentimental!

4. Anything that says bride

One of my best friends bought me the robe I will wear for pictures on my wedding day that says “Bride” in glitter. โœจ It is not only one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen but it was also so unexpected! I loved the thought behind buying something they can use on their wedding day. One of my other best friends bought me something that says “Something Blue.” I cant wait for that to be one of my something blues!

5. Alcohol

Pop the champagne! You my friend, are getting married. The upcoming months ahead will be some of the best months ever. You need to have wine/champagne/alcohol on deck to entertain your guests with. The day me and my fiancรฉ got engaged we had people stopping by the house all day! We were thankful for the alcohol that we don’t normally keep in the house!

6. The Knot Wedding Planner/The Knot Magazine

My future Mother-in-law bought me my wedding planner from The Knot. It was one of the best gifts ever! You don’t realize how much you will be planning and how a wedding planner will come in handy when things get chaotic! Write it down, plan it out, and you will be fine.

The bridal magazines were so fun too! Looking at all of the wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses inspired me and gave me ideas! Although I waited a little bit to start planning, it got my wheels turning.

I hope these ideas helped you incase you are stuck on ideas! Let me know your unique engagement gift ideas!


The Last Days of Fall Fashion & Fall Fun

In some states the winter weather has already hit. Most Christmas decorations are up, and winter is just a few weeks away. I took the opportunity to have some last minute fall fun this weekend. Outfit details are linked below!

The leaves and the Christmas decorations may be an odd scene for some to see but, it was a lot of fun.

Always watch the vlog behind these photos!





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