Many girls are afraid of the latest fashion trends sweeping the internet. Body suits, high-waist jeans, dark makeup, chokers, smoky eye, . They can all be very intimidating trends to tackle, but their is a secret to it all. You can choose to take on all these trends in one outfit like I did in the above picture, you can take it one fashion risk at a time, or even a couple at a time.

Either way you feel most comfortable taking on the most popular looks for this Fall, you have to find the right place and price for each trend. Here are my best buys that I am sporting in the above picture.

Choker: $6.00 from Charlotte Russe (and it has yet to break)! You have to be careful when finding a choker for a cheap price because they tend to be flimsy and fall apart within minutes, this one is going a couple months strong. The thicker the band, the safer you are when buying chokers at a cheaper price.

Striped Body Suit: Another cheap find! For a low price of $18.99 you can have this versatile body suit in the palm of your hands. I wore it with my Express black skinny jeans, but you can pair them with any pair and color of high waist jeans or even a cute leather skirt! This is one fashion piece you can wear in a million ways.

Dark Lip Stick: This lipstick is one of my favorite shades for the Fall. The color is Candy K from Kylie Cosmetics. The Lip Kit retails for $29.00 on

Eye shadow: The eye shadow I used to create this smoky eye was the most expensive in this Looks for Less post but it is worth the money if you have been looking for a pigmented palette to give you the perfect smoky eye. The Naked Palette in Smoky retails for $54.00 on and is worth every penny if you are appreciative of a good smoky eye.

Hair: This braid is extremely easy to do and one of the best looks for days you want your hair off of your face but still want to look put together. Taking your bangs and an inch more on each side bring that section of your hair into a pony and leave it, then separate the remainder of you hair into three sections, braid, and secure with a hair tie or an elastic hair tie.

Any other questions or comments about this look comment below! It is easier then you think to dress affordably and excitingly this Fall season. More fun Fall looks to come!