Last Mother’s Day me and my fiancé hosted a dinner for both of our families that went over pretty well for our first time hosting a Mother’s Day celebration! I thought that with the holiday approaching fast, that I would share some details from our last celebration. Lucky for me, my fiancé is an amazing cook, he made the chicken cutlets & pasta and I made dessert and made our home look as festive as ever!! 💕

1. Centerpiece

Their is nothing better than fresh flowers as a centerpiece for a dinner party. I picked up a dozen roses and cut the stems down. I found a pretty vase, used some LED candles with pretty candle holders, and just like that, I had a beautiful centerpiece that wouldn’t crowd the table, or block anyone’s vision!

2. Dessert table

I bought some balloons from Walmart that spelled out “Mom” and placed them on a shiny gold table cloth. I made cupcakes and decorated them. The cookies were not homemade, special thank you to Sam’s Club’s bulk tray of chocolate chip cookies for when you are in a time crunch! I also put some fan-favorite candies in a candy dishes. Before I knew it, I had created a full fledged desert table. This was a hit.

3. What’s not pictured

Their were a lot of details I didn’t capture, which I regret!

We hand painted wine glasses for our moms and set them at their place at the table. (Pictured in picture #2)

My sister made amazing sangria!

Our side dishes were salad, garlic bread, pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Meatballs and sauce were also there too!

Needless to say, we put a lot of thought into this dinner. We wanted it to be a special day! It was important that we had it at our house so that neither of our mom’s would have to cook or clean. (Even though they always do!)

If you are looking to host your first Mother’s Day gathering or just celebrate the day, know that no matter what, your loved ones will be happy! Having a day off to spend all together is always a great way to celebrate a holiday, since for most families those days are few and far between.

Details as simple as a dessert table, a special glass for the mom’s, or a floral arrangement, can brighten up the day before it even begins.

Remember, little details can make the whole day. Do something special for your mom this Mother’s Day & everyday!