Not many really know the process that blogging is. It’s filming, editing, editing again, writing, editing, writing again, posting, engaging, writing for outside companies, engaging with brands, filming, planning, outlining, and doing it all again. It may not seem like a lot but with your own personal life, a full time job and other factors you have to LOVE it to ever keep going. Why am I saying this? In college when I started my blog (two years ago) I never imagined that I would stick with it, especially when I would wake up at 4am before classes to write, and stay up til midnight to make sure I had content for the next day. That is what comes with many different professions/passions. You have to work hard for many years without seeing much success. One day you may see the results you have prayed for. For some they may not, but if you love what you do and it makes you happy then it is worth it. It’s not always about being successful, sometimes it’s just about letting the journey make you happy.😊 #XoMellaBlog💋