Everyone runs straight to red roses on Valentine’s Day when choosing a flower to show their love. But why when there are SOOO many other, prettier colors. Don’t be afraid of being wrong, be bold, and ditch the red.

  1. Because there are other colors???
  2. When there are purple, pink, and white, why be basic and get red??
  3. Have you been married for 30+ years? No? Then no red.
  4. I can guarantee you that yes, red roses are the symbol of love but yes, they look like commitment also. We all know you are not ready for that.
  5. The Kardashians choose white and pink over red, on the daily. (Who cares? Probably your girlfriend.)
  6. They say white roses are used to show that your love is pure, like the color.
  7. White roses also mean, everlasting love.
  8. Nothing says elegance like a bunch of white roses lighting up a room.
  9. Pink roses mean admiration and statistics say they are perfect if your GF is blonde? I really don’t know the science behind that. I can say I was not a part of that study but I may agree.
  10. Purple roses were often presented to royalty. You want to treat your significant other like a queen? Pick purple.

You really can’t go wrong with roses this Valentine’s Day but if you are sick of going with the flow and want to change things up this February 14th, try something other than your standard red.