Ladies, stop comparing yourself.

Gentlemen too… (it just seems to be more common in us girls.)

Welcome to your dose of truth for the day.

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote any type of thought piece for my blog as I have been heavily focused on YouTube & creating meaningful content for Instagram. Just like always, something struck me like a lightening bolt and I knew I needed to sit down, and do what I do best, which is write.

I have written about social media and the affects it has on its users. I have written about my personal struggle with my own insecurities. I have tried to be open in hopes it would help you, as well as it would help me. The best way I know to work through any issue I face or see others facing, is to write. While I wasn’t first-hand feeling this way I noticed a shift in the world around me.

Have you ever mindlessly scrolled through social media and found yourself warped in a plethora of photos, videos, and posts of people “looking better than you, doing better than you, and being better than you?” While that may not even be close to the truth, it may seem that way.

Have you ever seen a mom doing it “all,” working out at 5am, cooking a gourmet breakfast at 8am, dressing her kids to perfection, and the cycle just continuing for you to see all over social media?

Have you ever seen a girl with a different outfit on instagram with all designer pieces that are new all of the time?

Have you ever seen a couple so happy and lovey dovey that it makes you feel wrong for not being “significant other of the year?”

Have you ever seen another job promotion, another fantastic vacation, another prettier face, another amazing weight loss transformation, another engagement, etc? It can make you numb to life’s biggest accomplishments. Some people have the reaction of not being happy for others, because they are feeling bad that it’s not them achieving these milestones. Social media reminds of us others accomplishments all of the time, without reminding us of our own.

One after another amazing life event for several different “friends” on social media can make you feel bad and not joyous for their accomplishments/happiness.

For example, I got engaged on my twenty-third birthday. Accomplishment in some eyes? Maybe. While some may have been happy for me, I am going to go out on a limb and figure in those whose first reaction may not have been happiness, but envy. Trust me, I totally get it. What those who don’t know me may have not figured in, is how long I have waited for that moment. I was single until I was twenty-two. I was engaged within eleven months. I spent a lot of time alone, wondering if I would find “the one.” Knowing that good things come to those who wait… I patiently waited. All the way through both high school and college. I spent many weekends alone and many nights wondering if that would ever change. That’s something people don’t know because it’s not something you broadcast on social media. It’s not glamorous and it’s not cute, but it is real.

That is not a sad story that I am trying to tell. It is a perspecitive that you may not figure in.

When you see someone celebrating their succcess online and you feel envious remember, you didn’t see the struggle it may have taken to get there. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. While not everyone who boasts on social media is a liar, they might not be telling the whole truth that comes with some of these accomplishments.

Don’t waste today because you have “creeped” on someone or you have become envious over another persons life because of another “perfect post.” Life isn’t perfect for anyone. You deserve peace of mind,

and to know that you are on the right path no matter what anyone else is doing.

Your time will come and when it does be mindful of the times you wished and prayed for the things you now have. Life is a journey, and you deserve to spend that journey grateful and thankful every step along the way, rather than wasting time being envious over what may be all an illusion.